P U R A 

“The cover story for the Premiere issue of FRAMED explores time and essence through new beginnings. As humans we’re always in a constant search to a clearer understanding of what was, what is and what will be of our […] existence. Often times, uninspired by life and its difficulties, we get blinded and set up our own roadblocks in the road to success; sometimes we are in our way.

If once, we were forever asleep and our nightmares took over our dreams: this is to a brighter beginning. To do-overs and to giving our dreams another chance. This is the awakening. “



Photography: Kristina Walther | Styling: Susanne Marx at 21 Agency | Hair and Makeup: John Elliot with MAC at ARTISTGROUPMIREAU | Model: Johanna Z at Munich Models | Video: Anja Walther Special thanks to: Museum für Abgüsse Klassicher Bildwerke München.Song: Twice by Little Dragon