FRAMED™ Magazine is an eCommerce integrated publishing platform dedicated to the exposure of international and multidisciplinary art, fashion and design emphasizing innovation and creativity. Through a rotating collaborative team, we prepare a semi-annual visual experience with curated and commissioned editorials, stories and other creative collaborations.

Our efforts to work with an diverse team ensures a refined and impartial selection of international talents working against racism and discrimination.

Fusing the passion and innovation of the industry’s newest talents with the skill and vision of some of the world’s leading names in the industry we create newer, fresher and higher creative standards, outstanding, not only for equally and creatively challenging all of our contributors through encouraging multidisciplinary experimentation in their work, but also for curating impartial selection of international talent working against prejudice and discrimination.

We dedicate our efforts to finding amazing talent to work with -emerging or existing- and giving everyone the opportunity to showcase their artistic perspective with their discipline through a series of challenges.

Regardless of their background, FRAMED™ works with talent from all over the world, recognizing the beauty of every culture and opening a new dimension to all things creative as we reminisce over a time where art had a process and creativity had a purpose. We have made ours the responsibility to filter and create a new standard of creativity, a new generation of artists,

Through endless hours of research and by avid observation of different growing needs of the creative industry, FRAMED™ caters through a tailored creative photographical approach to four major disciplines in the arts: Fashion, Art, Music and Design.

FRAMED™ is a platform for new editorial proposals in architecture, art, design and fashion complimented by music and wanderlust. We’re interested in interactive, multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary collaboration between artist, designers and other talents.

Yes. We are passionate about fashion, so we collaborate with labels and designers who have a solid foundation and knowledge of their identity and can demonstrate exceptional vision and a balanced understanding of concept. These artists can introduce artistic re-interpretations of other disciplines into their work, ‘sculpting’ through fabric as opposed to simply sewing; a far more artistic interpretation of couture. Whether it is haute couture or ready-to-wear, we are in search of clear cohesiveness, consistency and the artist’s loyalty to their own identity, from concept to presentation.