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[section title=”Does FRAMED accept submissions?”]

Starting January 2016, we will be allowing Submission proposals. What this means is that you will be able to submit your Shoot/Editorial proposal to us for review based on the current theme available under the submissions page.

With every proposal you submit, you should include a full list of contributors – photographers, stylists, models and their agencies, hair & mua, assistants, basically everyone that will be involved. If your editorial proposal is accepted,  Letters for Responsibility -“Pull Letter” – for your team can be requested.

We will only be able to review editorials submitted through our Submittable Site which will be linked in the Submissions page. Proposals sent directly by email may not be viewed in time.

Additionally, only proposals with agency represented models will be reviewed, due to the amounts of request and submissions we receive.


[section title=”Where are you located?”]
The internet mainly. An important part of our mission is to eliminate bias and predispositions based on the geographical location of our contributors. When it comes down to meetings and other business related situations, our small team currently operates out of Chicago, IL and Austin, TX, USA.
[section title=”Does FRAMED offer advertising space?”]
Our main focus is providing quality content with a clear creative message to our subscribers every issue, therefore we have a specific idea of to whom we can cater to when it comes to advertising.

However, with that in mind, we offer an array of different custom solutions for business, agencies and brands in many trades, including but not limited to fashion, architecture, luxury, automobile, music, events, charity, and more.

You may get in contact with us for more details at [email protected]. For general information, you can check our Media Kit which is publicly available for download. [/section]

[section title=”Why did FRAMED stop printing?”]
We are dedicated to providing the best premium content to our subscribers. Endless hours, months of research and more hours to pull together such content does not come cheap to us, or to any business for that matter. In an effort to keep everything produced in-house and generate partnerships with local businesses, costs of printing and production sometimes differ greatly from mass printing capabilities overseas, which are usually cheaper.

The decision to stop printing FRAMED was based on many factors, not just price. The difficulties the independent print publishing companies go through were one of factors: costs of overhead, pre-press, production and distribution costs. However, the needs of the creative industry in general transcends a printed edition. We can’t print a song for your to enjoy on the spot. We can’t print a film or behind-the-scenes video footage on paper. Print was limiting -in a way- what and how much content we could produce.

It all came down to whether or not we were willing to sacrifice the quality of the product or the quality of its content, So we decided that if we couldn’t keep both, we were not going to sacrifice either.

Perhaps, in the near future we might reconsider printing.

[section title=”Now that you’re digital, why only 2 issues a year?”]
We are a small team.

While we do have exciting plans to grow, our focus is geared towards creating a consistent and finely curated selection of quality work. Preparing exclusive stories, editorials and interviews all require long hours of research, planning and work. We are confident that in the future, more issues a year will come.


[section title=”My friend is a designer, can I use their pieces for a shoot?”]

The answer to this question depends on multiple factors. Ask yourself:
– Has my friend been able to establish their brand consistently and legitimately?
– If someone were to order something today, will it be readily available to be shipped?
– Does my friend’s label have a press kit?
– Are they consistently designing FW/SS collections?

This isn’t always the case. Unique and one-of-a-kind items may be the exception; however we trust that as professional you have impeccable taste and great judgement.

[section title=”What about using vintage?”]
Vintage statement pieces are always great! However, vintage can get tricky pretty fast. Once again, we trust that as professional you have impeccable taste and great judgement.

[section title=”Where can I buy some of the things that you feature?”]
Soon, we will be selling many of the items we feature on the editorials.

In the meantime, we include certain stockist information, such as the brand/designer and in many cases, the store it comes from for your reference on each editorial.



[section title=”Have any more questions?”]
Feel free to send us your questions via our Contact page.